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What Equipment do I Need?

You do not need any special software or hardware to study our courses.  Generally any Laptop or PC bought within the last 3 years or so will be sufficient provided it can run Microsoft Office, has sound facilities and can connect to the internet and link to a printer.

Internet connection - needed for email communication with us, downloading course material and accessing our on-line Learning Portal.  You may find your Internet connection at your workplace may restrict links and emails with attachments over a certain size. 

Computer - a Windows PC computer is preferred although Mac computers can be used for a good part of the course depending on which subjects you are studying.  Access and Publisher are not available on Mac computers and if you enrol to study a course which includes these modules you will need to gain access to a Windows PC to complete these modules.

MS Office Software - preferably Office 365 or 2013.

Printer - not entirely essential but useful if you want to print out any of the course material.

You can also access the Online Learning Portal on most tablets and smartphones!