“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" Anon

How You Learn

All our courses are designed especially for home study.  Most of your course material is delivered via our on-line Learning Portal and our tutors are available to support you throughout the course. This means you can study at home or at work at times to suit yourself.  You can contact your tutors via email or via the Learning Portal, they are there to provide support and direction whenever you need it, not just to mark your TMAs!

When you enrol on a course you are buying access to the course materials and tutor support for a specified period of time.  This time period is typically twice as long as we would expect an "average" student would take to complete the course.

Courses are divided into a series of Modules.  Each module will cover a discrete subject or range of subjects.  Each module consists of a series of lessons, exercises and quizzes with regular "Tutor-Marked Exercises" along the way.  These TMEs are a great way to recsive feedback and support from your tutor.

At the end of each Module is a "Tutor Marked Assessment" (TMA).  These are the most important part of the course because your results in the TMAs contribute directly to your overall Diploma score.  Each TMA is marked as a percentage score and your overall percentage score across all TMAs results in your grade.  To achieve a PASS you need to average 55% across the course, for a MERIT you need to average 65% and for a DISTINCTION you need to average 75% and score at least 50% in every TMA.

And remember, you will have access to your tutor throughout the course, they are not just there to mark your assessments!