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PA Support Essentials

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If you are looking to get to grips with the core skills of a modern PA this CPD certified "PA Support Essentials" course is just what you need! It covers a range of key skills required by a modern PA, secretary or office professional consisting of 4 modules covering tasks that between them typically make up a significant part of the modern PA's workload:

  1. Business Letters
  2. Diary Management
  3. Organising Business Trips
  4. Organising and Supporting Business Meetings

You study this course entirely at home (or work or wherever you choose!) via our intuitive Online Learning Portal and we provide tutor support throughout the course.


Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded the Executive PA School "PA Support Essentials" Award plus CPD certification.  Throughout the course there are a series of assessments (quizzes and tutor marked exercises).  Your score on each assessment contributes to your overall course grade (PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION).


Students typically finish this course in around 10 to 12 months however you have access to your course material via our learning portal for 24 months and tutor support is available throughout that time.

COURSE CONTENT - full details are in our prospectus

Business Letters

Professionally presented, well written letters and emails will give the recipient a positive impression of you and your organisation. Whatever the medium, be it letter, email or message, poorly constructed correspondence will do just the opposite! In this module you will learn how to write professional standard business letters and emails presented in a contemporary style using fully blocked layout and open punctuation.

Organising Business Travel

Business travel is a fact of life and a "necessary evil" for busy, modern executives. It is rarely something they enjoy but well planned and organised travel arrangements can be the difference between a successful business trip and a stressful, potentially costly experience! In this module we will cover researching travel and accommodation options, preparing itineraries and supporting documentation, researching destinations to provide appropriate health, security and cultural advice, making bookings and managing the journey when it is in progress.

Diary Management

Keeping your executive organised, making sure they know where they need to be, when and why is probably the single most important aspect of the modern PA role. Indeed many top executives will have 2 PAs - a general PA and a dedicated Diary PA! In this module you will look at "hard" skills such as using electronic diary systems (including a detailed look at harnessing the power of MS Outlook) and "soft" skills such as prioritisation and decision making.

Organising and Supporting Business Meetings

Having written the letter to set up a meeting, planned it in the diary and arranged the travel to get there you now need to organise the venue, resources and other delegates. Oh, and help ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and is productive! This module covers identifying the full requirements for the meeting, researching venue options, preparing agendas and supporting documentation, communicating with delegates, supporting the chair during the meeting as Meeting Secretary, taking minutes and post-meeting administration such as preparing and distributing minutes and carrying out your own actions.