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PA Foundation Award

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The PA Foundation course covers a select group of key topics and is designed to give you the basics fast.  All of the topics in this PA Foundation course are also part of our Senior PA Certificate and Executive PA Diploma courses making it easy to progress to these other courses at a later date if you wish.


Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded the Executive PA School Foundation PA Award.  There are 9 modules on this course with Tutor marked Exercises throughout.  Your score on each exercise contributes to your overall course grade (PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION).

You study this course entirely at home (or work or wherever you choose!) via our intuitive Online Learning Portal and we provide tutor support throughout the course.


Students typically finish this course in around 4 to 5 months however you have access to your course material via our learning portal for 10 months and tutor support is available throughout that time.


Spreadsheets (MS Excel) - Word Processing (MS Word) - Slide Presentations (MS PowerPoint) - Email (MS Outlook).

Speed Keying - Diary Management - Organising Business Meetings - Organising Business Trips.

Business Letters.


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