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Course Structure

Most of your course materials are accessed via our Online Learning Portal.  This is an intuitive, easy to use yet powerful system which allows you to easily keep track of your progress.  You also use the portal to send exercises to your tutors who will mark your work and provide feedback – all accessed through the portal!

Some courses may have text books which will be sent to you in the post and occasionally supplementary information is sent by email.

Courses are divided into a series of Modules.  Each module will cover a discrete subject or range of subjects.  Each module is split into a series of lessons which build your knowledge step by step.  At regular intervals throughout each module there are Quick Quizzes (QQ) and Tutor Marked Exercises (TME).  These are an opportunity for you to consolidate your knowledge and receive feedback from your tutor.  Your scores on these QQs and TMEs contribute to your overall course grade (PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION).

The overall course grading is as follows:

PASS – 50%
MERIT – 75%

The course mark is an average of your module marks with each module carrying equal weight.  In turn, each module mark is an average of your marks on the QQs and TMEs with each of those carrying equal weight.

Every exercise has a “marking scheme” which attributes marks to each task in that exercise.  This means that all students will be marked fairly and consistently whoever their tutor is.  In most TMEs there are some marks allocated for overall presentation (spelling, grammar, layout and so on).  Also, marks are deducted if you need to make multiple submissions.  For example, if your first submission is not passed this will result in a 10% deduction from the second submission so even if that second submission is perfect you could only get a maximum of 90%.  Your maximum possible score on a TME is reduced by 10% for each resubmission needed.

Our service level commitment is to mark all TMEs within 3 working days although we endeavour to mark them more quickly (and usually do).  We also aim to answer any other course questions within 1 working day (again, faster wherever possible!).  Your tutors are not just there to mark your exercises however.  They are always just a message away if you have any questions or need any help as you go through the course.

Modules are released as and when you have completed the previous one.  The courses are designed to be studied in a particular order but there is some flexibility if you want to change that order – just ask your tutor!

If you choose to study on our Subscription scheme modules are released at a rate per month.  If you choose our Modular scheme modules are released as and when you pay for them.

We have a range of video tutorials which are especially useful for the MS Office programmes and your tutor will be happy to record a video tutorial for you to demonstrate a particular point if we do not have that in our library already!

And remember, you will have access to your tutor throughout the course.  They are always just an email away, not just there to mark your assessments!